Bad Faith Insurance

Hartford Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer

If you have a contract of insurance with a company you trusted and maintained your premiums with, and they fail to deal with you in a fair and equitable way, you may have a claim. Insurance companies sometimes act in the best interest of the “interest” they earn on behalf of their company rather than in the best interest of their clients.

When this happens, you may be entitled to additional money above and beyond your personal injury. The law protects the consumer from the financial and sometimes unscrupulous conduct of insurance companies that low-ball or deny valid claims of damage. If this happens, you need an experienced attorney to let you know this is happening and to take action! The lawyers here at the Freeman Law Firm, LLC we will make sure your rights are protected.

Insurance Coverage & Claim Disputes

If for some reason your insurance company denies a claim of benefits owed a consumer under a contract of insurance. We will bring an action to make sure you receive the benefits of your paid premiums. It’s not fair for an insurance company to collect your premiums and then deny coverage in the event of a claim. We will make sure this does not happen to you.